Why Do We Vote Like Idiots?

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one taught at a young age that when voting, I had three choices when it comes to voting: democrat, republican, or wasting your vote. It’s bizarre to imagine that every problem in the USA, no matter how complex, can be broken down into either a liberal or conservative issue. Can you imagine if your employer was run like this, if the first two solutions to a problem were the only two solutions you could implement? How many companies would bankrupt themselves within the first month of implementing this type of policy? Within the first week? Why do we allow something as important as our country to be governed in this same fashion?

The simple answer is because of our upbringings. We’ve been taught for the majority of our lives that this is how things need to be in order to work. If they weren’t this way, the country would dissolve into chaos and anarchy, and just think of the children! Of course, this is a fallacy, but since it is beaten into us as a young age, it is difficult for us to break its illusion. Think about it this way by asking these questions:

Why do we learn at a young age that we should vote for who we think will win instead of who we want to represent us? Vote for the candidate that best represents you and your interests. Vote for the candidate that you can be proud of supporting.

Why do we, as a country, not get out and vote for local elections like we do for federal elections? Local elections have a direct impact on us while federal elections have a mostly minor impact. Your city and state officials are going to impact you more than your senator or the president ever will.

Why do we embrace binary politics? Barely any significant problem can be solved with either a yes or no solution, so why do we support political parties that follow their own agendas, independent of their voters, that are largely shaped by what the opposition party wants? Do Nothing Congresses only benefit the status quo and hinder or outright prevent progress. This country was founded on compromise, not absolutes.

Why do we only care about politics and politicians during election years? Countless politicians on both sides of the aisle have done terrible things to their constituents, be it poisoning their water supply, selling them real estate built in flood basins, denying them healthcare for life-saving treatments, or worse. Why aren’t these issues brought up more by the media when they happen? Why aren’t the politicians responsible for such atrocities accountable for them as you or I would be?

Why do we support one of two political parties that is activity working against us? Democrats and Republicans are bought and feel they must repay their position to the parties responsible. Do you think either will fight hardest for you or for a donor who spent $10,000 just to have a dinner with them? Do you think your interests will be best served or the interests of the lobbyist who spent over $1 million buying them? Forget just flip-flopping depending on their audience, politicians aligned with either main party will do anything they can to keep their position, and since Republicans made corporations equivalent to people, things will only get worse.

Why are moderates considered to be liberals and fascists┬áconsidered to be conservatives? Or better yet, how did this happen? The politic shift across the country has been slowly happening ever since WW2 ended, with peaks and recesses during that time, but since about the 80’s, we have been stuck on a peak with no end. In any other country in the world, Democrats and Republicans would be considered moderates and fascists respectively. Anywhere else in the world, a man like Bernie Sanders would be considered an average liberal and not a crazed socialist. The Republican party is treading on a thin line between fascism and dictatorship, and having a president who admires enemies of the USA for its non-USA values will speed up this transition until it can’t be stopped.

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